At its heart’s core, The Kobo Trust (TKT), a nonprofit organization, is founded on the desire to empower, transform and build resilience. Through the implementation of projects aimed to improve the lives of its beneficiaries and the communities they come from, our work is to sustainably eradicate poverty through resilient communities in East Africa and South Africa.

Founded by Kobo Safaris Ltd., the TKT intervention is a holistic approach, which involves rehabilitation of beneficiaries, who in most cases are children who have gone through trauma, loss and deprivation. TKT sustainably indoctrinates in them self-acceptance and love for self while providing shelter, education, health care, life skills, exposure to arts and culture and the appreciation for the environment and the spirit of conservation.

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Since its inception in 2011, The Kobo Trust has supported a number of children and youth over the years. Many with stark histories and realities that would have any decent person shake in their boots. For some, they have families, some broken but intact and open to receive them after the close of boarding school at the end of each term. However, most of our beneficiaries live in safe spaces The Kobo Trust has created for them.

The shelters we create for these young people are safe spaces where they find themselves enveloped in learning, growing, psychosocial healing, and the chance to see themselves in innovative ideas shared with them.

Some, from a tender age, had their destinies change, where many were diverted from certainties that would have mirrored the unfortunate lives of those that are often forced to make hard decisions to just get through the day. The hardships are many. The opportunities to pull from under them are far and few between.

At The Kobo Trust, we are a stand for the whole child for the sake of not only making a difference in their lives, but knowing their lives will make a difference to others.

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