The Team

Clara Garcias

The Kobo Trust Director

Clara Garcias is the co-founder of TKT and creator of its educational programs and rehabilitation programs. There at the start of TKT in 2011, Clara has worked with vulnerable communities and children for seventeen years. As an educational psychologist, a primary school teacher, a life coach Master and Practitioner, Clara has worked to nurture the beneficiaries as agents of change by addressing their individual needs and adapting to their unique talents. With the aim to touch lives, TKT is now a big family of future stars. Clara hopes that the beneficiaries grow to be healthy independent individuals and for TKT’s community outreach programs to provide the capacity to make people aware of their true potential.


Wilfred Omondi

Operations Manager

Wilfred Omondi has more than 6 years as a life coach, youth mentor, fieldworker and an entrepreneur. With a background in Human Resource Management, he is a NLP Master and practitioner; a certified Reiki healer; certified Non violent communication mediator; certified children and emotions trainer; a member of the Rusinga volunteer program and Kenya youth empowerment program. With his special connection to the beneficiaries, his role is to guide and support their individual journeys. Proud of his part in getting the sponsors to continue to support the TKT beneficiaries,Wilfred hopes the beneficiaries grow into responsible adults who will give back to the societies and communities that came from.


Pamela Simiyu

Case Worker

Pamela Simiyu, a member of the Rudolf Steiner School staff, is also a member of the The Kobo Trust team. In her roles, she oversees the beneficiaries that are part of the student body. With ten years under her belt working with young people, Pamela guides and gives vulnerable children hope for the future. As a mentor and a holiday parent to one of the beneficiaries, Pamela aligns with the goals of The Kobo Trust only wanting the children under The Kobo Trust to forge bright futures they would not have otherwise.


Elizabeth Nduku

Social Worker

Elizabeth Nduku, a mentor and community developer, has her degree in Community Resource Management and is also a trained YALI & MOGI GLS Leader Trainer. With a gift to transform the lives of young people through mentorship and capacity building, Elizabeth has registered two of TKT’s youth in post-secondary education programs, has steered TKT’s community programs and runs the leadership workshops for the team. Elizabeth hopes TKT grows to sustainably impact our communities.


Marvin Njeru

Marketing and Communications

Marvin Mbae Njeru, the creative Graphics Designer is intuitive, thoughtful and is a subjective member of the team. As The Kobo Trust’s Communications and Marketing Manager, he holds a degree in International Business and Marketing, diplomas in Business Studies and Business Information Technology. His work includes re-branding The Kobo Trust image and standardizing its brand design for the sole purpose if opening the hearts and minds of those that seek to find the impact of The Kobo Trust. At the end of the day, Marvin hopes The Kobo Trust can be self-sustainable and able to help more needy children in the communities it engages.